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crucial to the continuing success of any business and finances play a key role in that success.

Welcome to Innovative Bookkeeping Studio, your specialised Bookkeeper and BAS Agent located in Kalamunda, WA.

Established in 2016 by Amanda Wallace, Innovative Bookkeeping Studio is the result of an opportunity to establish a bookkeeping business built on client relationships and a very personalised approach.

We set out to create a business guided by integrity, honesty and flexibility.

With more than 15 years experience in the accounting and finance industry, we understand that your time is valuable and therefore, will provide a stress-free service that will exceed your expectations. We place great importance on communication and transparency.

Innovative Bookkeeping Studio services the Perth Hills and southern areas of Perth. However, thanks to cloud bookkeeping and the limitless virtual opportunities, the business can offer bookkeeping services anywhere in Australia.

We want owners to love their businesses and be reminded every day why they chose to be their own boss.

Innovative Bookkeeping Studio – Bookkeeper and BAS Agents bringing innovation to your business.

Amanda Wallace

Our clients span a range of industries including:







Our Approach

Innovative Bookkeeping Studio takes a friendly approach to client service, offering reliability and transparency.

We love to start with a coffee and a chat to discover all about you and your business. Listening to your journey provides us with an amazing insight as to where the business has come from, where it is now and what your vision is for the future.

From here, our approach is to come into you business, bring your accounts up to date, establish or improve your processes, and lay a solid foundation for accurate and timely data. Once everything is moving along in a monthly routine, we then go deeper into analysis of the finances prepare monthly management reports, and meet with you regularly with insights. You can anticipate clear explanations of the work we do.  

We want you to have great numbers so you can make great decisions.

If your vision is growth and expansion, let us join you and we will work with you as your ongoing, external bookkeeper. Alternatively, we can continue to fill your bookkeeping, accounting and financial management gap until you actually grow big enough to need, and be able to afford, an employee bookkeeper. Once that happens we can train your staff in the processes, and leave you to it! 

If your vision is growth without scaling, we will continue to support and work with you as your external bookkeeper. 

We love bringing sanity and structure to the lives of small business owners and ultimately to help them gear their businesses for growth and lifestyle.

What is a BAS Agent?

A BAS Agent is someone who provides bookkeeping and BAS services to a client for a fee.

Services include GST, PAYG Withholding (payroll), PAYG Instalment payments, FBT payments, Wine Equalisation Tax, Fuel Tax Credits, Taxable Payments Annual Reporting, Superannuation Guarantee Contribution obligations, Superannuation Guarantee Charge calculations and Luxury Car Tax.

It is about the qualifications, experience, competence, and professionalism. The new legislation was implemented to provide businesses with protection and security.

Only registered BAS Agents are permitted to advise or help you ascertain your liabilities, obligations or entitlements in the areas of the Business Activity Statement. Only registered agents, other than yourself or your employees, are permitted to represent you in dealing with the ATO.

BAS Agents must meet various requirements from the Tax Practitioners Board to become one, and to maintain their registration.


A minimum of a Cert IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping or Accounting).



1,400 hours of supervised experience lodging BAS during the past four years.

Professional Membership

Membership with at least one professional bookkeeping or accounting body is recommended.

Professional Development

Maintaining knowledge and skills, taking relevant courses and keeping up to date with legislation.


Maintaining professional indemnity insurance in the event of loss due to an act, error or omission provided by a BAS Agent.

client focused | dedicated | compliant | committed | responsive | accountable

As a registered BAS Agent we follow a Code of Conduct so you always get the highest quality service. To ensure you are protected, the code covers the following principles:

Honesty and Integrity

Acting honestly, complying with tax laws, and dealing with money in a trustworthy manner.


Conflict of Interest

Acting in the best interest of clients an managing conflicts of interest.


Not disclosing information to a third party without the client’s permission or legal duty to do so.


Taking reasonable care to ascertain client state of affairs and correctly apply GST and taxation laws.


Timeliness, professional indemnity insurance, and correct administration of laws.

To check if an agent is registered, just enter their details in the www.tpb.gov.au register or look for the registered practitioner symbol.

Not only can we do BAS Lodgement as a Registered BAS Agent, but the preparation will give us the information to offer Business Advisory based on the financial reality your business operates in.

Do you have an overdue BAS to lodge?

Late BAS Lodgment is actually very common, and being a Registered BAS Agent, along with our expertise, we can help you out because of our good standing with the ATO.