Innovative Bookkeeping Studio owner, Amanda Wallace, is a BAS Agent supervisor and mentor.

With extensive experience in the industry, she can provide supervision and/or mentoring for bookkeepers who are entering the market and looking to gain relevant experience in order to register as a BAS Agent.

You can embark on this journey towards being a registered agent as soon as you have your first client. Working under supervision allows you to offer your clients the full suite of BAS services. 

Our Supervision and Mentor program meets the standards and expectations of the Tax Practitioners Board.

We provide support and guidance for our bookkeepers through a variety of platforms. Communication through phone, email or Zoom ensures that we are only a quick call away!

Innovative Bookkeeping Studio aims to instill confidence in bookkeepers so that they can service their own clients and work towards becoming reputable, professional BAS Agents.

In order to embark on our supervision plan geared towards your BAS Agent registration, you will need to seek your own clients or be employed as a bookkeeper. Your clients will always remain with you, as will the ongoing client relationship, and we will simply act as support to your business.

As a bookkeeper under our supervision, you can expect us to work with you to assist your learning, boost your knowledge and provide you with feedback on your systems, processes and professionalism.

Once you reach your 1,400 hours (or 1,000 hours if a member of a professional association) of required supervised BAS service-related work, we’ll help you lodge your application to the Tax Practitioners Board and get you on your way.

Amanda Wallace has been an amazing mentor and her knowledge is outstanding. She is always willing to assist with queries, no matter the complexity. She has been a sounding board when I needed it and has talked me off the cliff when things have got a bit hairy. She is patient and encouraging and I always walk away from a discussion feeling confident and empowered.
Caran Fraser

The Patient Bookkeeper

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